Officials needed for gymnastics, athletics & aquatics


All of the athletes competing at the Ireland Games this June have qualified through a comprehensive advancement programme from Area Games in 2016, Regional Games in 2017 and many will hope to qualify for the World Games in Abu Dhabi in March 2019.

Such a prestigious sporting event needs top level officials and this is where you can play your part!

We are urgently looking to recruit sports officials to oversee the competition in Athletics, Aquatics and Gymnastics.

By volunteering to officiate Ireland Games 2018 you will be at the heart of the action, experiencing the

skill, determination and joy of the athletes as they compete at the biggest sporting event of the year.

Athletics will be held in Morton Stadium and with over 300 athletes competing in track and field events it will be a hive of activity. Aquatics will take place in the world class National Aquatics Center and gymnastics will take place in Gymastics Training Center of the Sport Ireland National Sports Campus.


Sport Role  Qualification Needed
Athletics Timekeepers No experience or qualifications needed
 Athletics Starters Starters Licence required
Aquatics Time Keepers Timekeepers Level 1
 Aquatics Stroke Judges Official Level 2
Gymnastics Artistic Judges Artistic Judges qualification
 Gymnastics Rhythmic Judges Rhythmic Judges qualification