Dean Rock – Put to the test

GAA star and Special Olympics sports ambassador Dean Rock plays his part ahead of the Ireland Games.

Some Ireland Games athletes, along with GAA star Dean Rock, had there acting and sporting skills put to the test yesterday during a promotional video shoot for the Ireland Games. The videos, which will be released soon, feature athletes scoring goals and winning races ahead of the upcoming Ireland Games in June.

The videos are a feature of the Play Your Part campaign, which sets to call on  volunteers around the country to team up with the Special Olympics and Play Their Parts in order to help the Ireland Games reach their huge potential.

Daniel Byrne who will be playing football in the upcoming Games, made his acting debut, kicking some impressive shots even under the added pressure of a camera tracking his every move. Dean and three of our fastest athletes payed little attention to the camera however, as they sized each other up ahead of a hundred meter sprint.

Special Olympics athletes share the consensus that it’s the ‘taking part that counts’, however when given the opportunity to show up a Dublin GAA star on the track, it is apparent that winning is always high on the agenda of our top athletes. The afternoon set the tone of the upcoming Ireland Games. The Special Olympics staff got a glimpse of the athleticism, skillfulness and competitiveness that will feature in the upcoming games, and soon so will you. Watch this space to hear the latest about the Play Your Part campaign and the Ireland Games preparation.

Help the 1600 athletes including those involved in today’s shoot, achieve their goals by volunteering.

If you are a resident of Ireland aged 16 or over and are available on the 14th, 15th, 16th and 17th of June 2018, then you can volunteer.

Check out the following link if volunteering in the Ireland Games interests you