A busy training weekend in Ulster

From Coleraine To Lisburn Ulster Athletes Train Hard with only 101 Days to go until Special Olympics Ireland Games in June. 

Almost 240 athletes took part in the largest Ulster region Ireland Games training session of 2018.  The excitement was palpable across the five separate venues which spread from Antrim to Lisburn, with equestrian taking place in Coleraine RDA.

The friendly competitiveness at the training sessions in all regions are beginning to heat up, with the Ireland Games only 100 days away. This was apparent in the Antrim Forum in which athletics, basketball, swimming and football teams displayed some serious skill and fitness during two and a half hour long training session.

10 Ulster Region Athletes practiced their dressage in the Coleraine RDA which “provide recreational and therapeutic riding and sporting opportunities for persons with a disability”.

The Bocce training session was held in the Jim Baker Stadium in Templepatrick.

Lisburn city was awash with high energy as athletes were welcomed into the Lisburn Bowl centre, the National Badminton Centre and the Salto Gymnastics Centre. Badminton, table tennis, bowling and gymnastics created a fantastic atmosphere across the city, one which can only be topped by the athlete’s participation in the highly anticipated Ireland Games.

If you would like to be part of this atmosphere, there are still opportunities to volunteer at the games.

If you are a resident of Ireland aged 16 or over and are available on the 14th, 15th, 16th and 17th of June 2018, then you can volunteer.

Check out the following link if volunteering in the Ireland Games interests you