Toastmaster training for Ireland Games Athletes; Not Just Sport

Tara Toastmasters Group visit Special Olympics Eastern Region to give world class media training workshop.

Training has intensified on the pitches, in the pools and on the tracks but improving their sporting capabilities isn’t the only aspect of training for our Ireland Games athletes.

A public speaking workshop was held in the Special Olympics Eastern Region office in Abbotstown Tuesday evening. Tara Toastmasters, a club which aids the communicative development of individuals globally, began their talk at 7:00pm , giving tips and tricks to help athletes convey their  messages on camera and when addressing a group.

Competition was still high on the agenda however with a pancake flipping competition taking place in the office canteen just before the public speaking and media training began.

Athletes were also asked to discuss their training programmes and aspirations for the upcoming Games during an on-site camera interview, which will be released soon. Although  gold medals are part of the plan for all our athletes, Margaret Turely describes  the consensus that appears common across all Special Olympics sports that “it’s all about participating and not about winning”.

Margaret, along with the other athletes in attendance of the workshop, were shown skills revolving around their body language, volume of voice and overall demeanour when speaking publicly. A few of the Special Olympics staff were spotted paying close attention to the facilitators as they gave some world class advice and tips.

Some volunteers, along with mentors and parents were also in attendance, as it is likely that the cameras may swing their direction in preparation and also during the games.

Volunteers, athletes parents will put these skills to good use in June, when the 2018 Ireland Games commence.

Volunteering positions are still open for the games. If you are a resident of Ireland aged 16 or over and are available on the 14th, 15th, 16th and 17th of June 2018, then you can volunteer.

Check out the following link if volunteering in the Ireland Games interests you