World Games Schedule Monday 18th March

Team Ireland certainly celebrated St. Patrick’s Day in style with medals and personal bests and the competition continues again today.

The below schedule is in local UAE Time. Abu Dhabi is 4 hours ahead of Dublin.

Please note the schedule is subject to change. For more schedule information you can download the official Games App from your PlayStore and search “World Games Abu Dhabi 2019”


Kayaking Time (Local UAE)
Fergal  Gregory & Oisin Ferry 09:20am
Deirde O’Calllaghan 10:10am
Michelle O’Keane 10:20am
Fergal Gregory 1:00pm
Oisin Ferry 2:00pm
Deirde O’Calllaghan & Michelle O’Keane 2:30pm
Bowling Time (Local UAE)
doubles 11:30am
Bocce Time (Local UAE)
Syria v Ireland 11:00am
Egypt v Ireland 11:40am
Ireland V Palestine 4:30pm
Equestrian Time (Local UAE)
Lee Mitchell 11:45am
Connor Byrne 12:00pm
Badminton Time (Local UAE)
Algeria v Ireland 3:00pm
Ireland V Hellas 5:00pm
Gymnastics Artistic Time (Local UAE)
Ball ribbon , rope – Rachel Murray 8:30am
John Keenan – Vault 1:00pm
Eimear Gannon – all around 6:30pm
Swimming Time (Local UAE)
Emma Barrett (200m breast stroke) 3:55pm
Peader Connolly (200m Breast stroke) 4:33pm
Jack Mc Fadden ( 200m breast Stroke) 4:40pm
Table Tennis Time (Local UAE)
Ireland V Hellas 10:30am
Ireland V Tunisia 11:30am
Ireland V UAE 2pm
Ireland V Egypt 3pm
Athletics Time  (Local UAE)
400m final – Bendan Mc Guire 11:40am
Pent High Jump – Connor Meade 9:50am
400m walk – Katie Dillion 3:30pm
400m Walk – Gary O’Sullivan 3:40pm
Soft ball throw – Shannon Nixon 3:20pm